Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Do You Have Pale Gums? What Causes It?

Healthy gums should be a shade of pink but sometimes they can become pale. Several health conditions can cause your gums to turn pale such as:

1. Anemia - Body is not receiving enough oxygen-rich blood. A lack of blood can cause tissue to grow pale.

2. Leukoplakia - Oral leukoplakia can cause uniform, thin, white patched to develop on the gums. These patches are harmless but they can turn into cancer.

3. Menopause - Hormonal changes can decrease blood flow, which can cause the gums to become pale and dry.

4. Vitamin K deficiency - Vitamin K helps the blood clot but with not enough in your system can cause uncontrollably bleeding.

5. Gingivitis -  Gum Disease can over time turn the gums white and recede.

6. Oral Cancer - White gums and can spread very quickly.

 Its very important to talk to your dentist if you notice a change in color of your gums. Careful monitoring and regular dental visits can ensure oral conditions get the proper treatment.

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