Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mini Implants, Explained

I've had many people ask me this question and it was always a difficult one for me to try to explain, probably because I didn't have a clear understanding of it myself! While surfing the web this morning, I found a site that explains this procedure perfectly! A Mini Dental Implant is a process by which small posts are installed in the jawbone in order to stabilize dentures or other dental prosthetics. People who have problems wearing their dentures or whose bone structure has deteriorated over a long period of time due to the wearing of dentures are generally good candidates for mini implants.The procedure is less time consuming and less expensive than traditional implants. Many times it can be done in one day! If you wear dentures and are having difficulty securing them or if eating has become difficult and it is affecting your health, check with your dentist to see if mini implants would benefit you! 
Here is a link to an exceptional article (with illustrations) that explains the mini implant procedure. Keep Smiling!

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