Friday, February 16, 2018

Botox Reduces Teeth Grinding!

Botox is most commonly known for getting the crows feet and wrinkles out of your face. At least that's what is promoted the most about it. However, in reality, botox is used for a lot of medical conditions. If you have get chronic migraines, botox will help. Stiff muscles, a botox injection will take care of it. Even for the some with a overactive bladder.

What about teeth grinding? Yes, it reduces that too. Teeth grinding (medically known as bruxism), is a serious issue that can greatly damage your teeth, cause TMJ, and end being very costly to treat. Most of the time it treated with a mouthguard that is designed to reduce the risk to your teeth. However, even with the mouthguard you are still grinding in your sleep. Instead of grinding tooth to tooth, you are grinding on the mouthguard itself. Which, in essence, still causes the jaw pain and can lead to TMJ. It protects your teeth really good, but has a limited effect to protecting your jaw.

Botox on the other hand, has been proven to great reduce the grinding all together. 

So, if you are a chronic teeth grinder, maybe Botox is something to consider.

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