Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Don't Eat These Foods After Wisdom Teeth Extractions!

Many people leave their doctors office following a surgical extraction with a list of generic "do's and dont's", but alot of people don't have a clear understanding of which types of foods are good or bad. Here is a list of suggestions (straight from a dental assistant) to help with the decision making process.


Chips of any kind
Crunchy cereal

A good rule of thumb is if it's crunchy, don't eat it!


Alcoholic beverages
Carbonated beverages (these can interfere with the natural clotting that occurs after the procedure. The clotting is important to protect the open socket.)
Piping hot beverages

In addition to these foods and drinks, smoking is an irritant and should be avoided following an extraction. Both smoking and drinking through a straw can be harmful as the sucking motion can cause the bleeding to begin again.
As with any surgical procedure, check with your doctor or dentist if you experience excessive pain, bleeding or anything out of the ordinary.

Then, once you've healed, as always, keep smiling!

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