Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Can Using Urine Grow Human Teeth?

I know disgusting...but if you or someone you know are missing teeth this may be something to look into in the future.

Chinese researchers have been able to generate human teeth buy using urine. They have done this by isolating the necessary stem cells from the urine. Once the stem cells are isolated, they are able to implant those cells into the human jaw then they found a way to generate structures that are similar to human teeth.

Is using urine the safest way to obtain stem cells? Many researchers have found that urine is the safest out of all the human stem cell generation. As weird as it sounds, using urine isn't all that unusual. Scientists have used the cells to form a lining in bladders, helps generate muscles/nerve cells and may even be used to create cartilage and bone!

For more information on using urine to grow human teeth click here!

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