Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Can Modern Dentistry Ease Dental Phobias?

According to the Columbia University of Dental Medicine, 40 million Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of their anxiety and fears.

Dental training today has advanced to the point where dentists mostly use general anesthesia for sedation. Using Nitrous Oxide helps reduce the anxiety of patients and keeps them from putting of important dental procedures.

Other new alternatives dentists are using to help reduce anxiety is:

  • Having patients wear virtual reality goggles to help take their mind off of the procedure. 
  • No drill dentistry - now a laser beams are used to excavate and clean moderate sized cavities.
  • Showing their patients what technology will be used and how it will operate. This builds the patients trust. 
There are more options to help reduce your fear of going to the dentist then there has ever been before, thanks to modern technology!

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