Wednesday, November 22, 2017

3D Flosser?

Technology is great RIGHT?

Dental floss has been around for more than 100 years and it really hasn't changed its look but thanks to technology and a company called Blizzident, they have invented a 3D flosser!

PictureHow does the 3D Flosser work? It takes a 3D scan of the customers mouth, which will create a customized flossing wireframe, which holds four rolls of dental floss. When the customer wants to floss all they need to do is closes their mouth over the device and chew a little. This provides the perfect floss and takes only 5 seconds!

flossing-gadget-blizzidentIf you are interested in the 3D flosser all you need to do is get a 3D scan of your mouth, then send the information to Blizzidnet (based in Europe). They will manufacture and mail out your device for $232 plus postage!

Blizzident says the 3D flosser lasts many years and the only thing you will  have to replace is the floss!

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