Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mouthgaurds That Detect Concussions?

That's right! A company named Kirkland has developed a high-tech mouthgaurd that is being tested by more than 10,000 and they have been able to put it at one high school where its being used at football games.

These high-tech mouthgaurds are supposed to detect a hard hit then it is mapped and measured. The information is then sent to a smart phone, allowing medical staff and coaches to instantly know when an injury happens.

President and CEO Jesse Harper said they know where the mouthgaurd is and that they are able to project back in 3-D rendering of the head and tell exactly where the impact happened in real time.

Jesse also adds that "the data collected can help coaches better exam patterns of behaviors, drills that might be leading to more injuries and players who might be operating outside the norm".

These mouthgaurds cost $99 per athlete but if it save a life is it worth it? What are your thoughts?

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