Thursday, June 1, 2017

To Protect Your Teeth, Keep These Bad Habits at Bay!

Many people have bad habits that, when accidents strike, can be devastating to your oral health!  The following is a list of things one should never do!  Take heed!  Dentistry is very expensive!  

~Never, ever chew ice.  Ice chips your teeth and causes minute cracks in the enamel, which weakens the structure of your teeth.  

~Never open can tabs or bottles with your front teeth.  It will cause chips in your teeth.

~Beware of biting into fruit that has pits in it.  More broken teeth and dentures are caused by cherry pits than any other fruit!  

~Try to avoid biting your nails.  It just isn't a good practice all the way around.  You can chip your teeth and your mouth contains bacteria that you can deposit near your nail bed and cause infection. 

In addition to these things, you should also avoid putting small objects (choking hazards) into your mouth such as:

Paper Clips

These things can all pose a threat to your teeth.  No one wants to visit the dentist because of a silly accident!   

Be careful and Keep Smiling!  

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