Thursday, June 1, 2017

Question From Our Member - I Had A Root Canal Done 6 Months Ago, Why Am I Still In Pain?

Questions From Our Members

M. Luedke of Surprise, Arizona asks: 

“I had a root canal performed on one of my molars in November of 2016. They covered the tooth with a porcelain crown. 6 months later I am still experiencing extreme sensitivity to pressure and constant pain.  I've been back to my general dentist and the endodontist and still can't get any relief.  What could be causing this pain?”

Savon’s Answer

Before I start with the answer, it is imperative to know that we are not dentists!  With that being said I did some research on the website "“RealSelf” and here are some suggestions from other dentists.

Dr. Scott Young of Houston TX states:  “Though it is rare, there are times when a tooth that has had a root canal can produce discomfort. One of several things could be happening.
  1. The tooth has an accessory (extra) nerve that is small and perhaps was not found.
  2. The tooth has a crack that is usually between the roots.
  3. The existing crown may not be fitting as well as it could.
I would have your dentist do an evaluation and take an X-ray. He/she can then give you possible causes of the pain and solutions to correct it.”

Dr. Murray Bruckel of Norwalk CT. states:  “It sounds like one of the nerve canals was overlooked, or incomplete removal of found nerves.  Have your dentist take an xray for signs of infection and have the rootcanal redone right through the crown.”

Dr. Soheyla Marzvaan of Orange County CA states:  “When a tooth hurts after root canal, Several factors may be involved.  If temperature sensitivity or pain exists, its either another tooth next to the tooth in question, or an accessory or main nerve still exits in the tooth and the root canal needs to be retreated.  If temperature does not cause any throbbing pain then a crack in the tooth, and a in ill fitting crown could cause it.”

The one thing that these dentists agree on is you should not be in pain.  Get in touch with the dentist(s) that treated the tooth and push the issue!

Originally posted to our June 2017 Newsletter!

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