Thursday, May 4, 2017

Can Lipstick Help Brighten A Smile?

Who doesn't want to have a beautiful, sparkling smile?

The truth is, some people no matter how many times they brush their teeth or use whitening strips are prone to natural pale yellow teeth. Luckily for us ladies we have the power of lipstick!

I came across an article explaining how the different shades of lipstick can affect how your teeth look!

Below are the shades you will want to use to make your teeth seem pearly white:
  • Rich reds and berry hues -  These colors in enhance the smile and are perfect for a job interview, first date and a night out on the town!
  • Blue and Violet undertones - Lip colors with blue undertones will counteract with yellow teeth, making your smile appear instantly white. 
  • Nude shiny glosses - This color gives you a nice friendly/approachable look and helps create the illusion teeth are shinier they they actually are.
Lip color fails:
  • Coral/orange - This shade has the tendency to wash you out.
  • Pale pink - This shade accentuated stains. 
Who knew you could fake a whiter smile with a simple beauty product!

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