Monday, May 22, 2017

Can Grape Seed Extract Extend The Life Of Your Fillings?

Grapes are a healthy snack but the seeds found inside of the grape is actually the healthiest part. Grape seeds contain antioxidants and a natural plant compound called " Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin Complex (OPCs)".
OPCs helps prevent premature aging and certain chronic diseases.

Studies have shown that grape seed extract reduces edema (swelling), lowering blood pressure and heart rate, helps with eye diseases related to diabetes.

According to the National Center For Complementary and Integrative Health, their is a preliminary research on grade seed extract and Alzheimer disease and hereditary Hemochromatosis (when body's iron is too high).

If grape seed extract can help all of these things I have listed above can the natural compound found in the grape seed extract strengthen dentin (the tissue beneath a tooth's enamel)?

If you have a filling you probably already know it wont last forever, you may get 5-7 years out of it before it needs replaced but in the Journal Of Dental Research, Ana Bedran - Russo, associate professor of restorative dentistry, explains how grape seed extract can make fillings stronger.

Ana said the "extract can increase the strength of the dentin, which comprises the majority of the calcified extracellular tissue of the teeth, forming the layer just beneath the hard external enamel."

An extra bonus of using grape seed extract is helps stop or reverse early tooth decay!

So what is the suggested dosage of grape seed extract? state a standard dosage of grape seed extract consists of 50 - 300 milligrams daily.
The University of Maryland Medical Center notes the following: 25-150 milligrams daily for general antioxidant support and 150-300 milligrams daily for chronic insufficiency's.
*Consult your primary physician first before anything new*

Click here for the full article on grape seed extract extending the life of fillings!

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