Thursday, August 25, 2016


Do you wear conventional dentures and dislike them because they wont stay put, you can't eat certain foods or they are painful?

Today dental implants are considered the top treatment option for people with missing teeth. Dental implants (small anchors) are permanently places into your jaw keeping the bone healthy and intact. These small anchors are acting like your natural tooth root.

The healing process for this procedure can last 2-6 months. This allows the implant and bone to bond along with letting the gums heal.

Next, dentures will be made and will be attached to the anchors! These dentures will be able to snap on and off easily for cleaning purposes.

Here are some benefits of overdentures:

  • Promotes better digestion, allows you to chew better which helps the stomach digest the food more efficiently.
  • Helps retain your facial structures. With out teeth your face will look sunken it and aged.
  • No more pain! You will have no more unnecessary movement when eating and talking.

Hopefully after wearing overdenturs you will regain your confidence and smile!!!

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