Monday, March 14, 2016

"Dentist Hopping" Is An Expensive Practice

Dental Hopping (going from dentist to dentist) is a very common practice among patients. In a way it is understandable with the cost of dental care these days. I mean really, who doesn't like a good deal on a cleaning right? However, hopping from dentist to dentist to get the best special or deal is actually costing you more overall.

Think about it this way. Most people have a specific doctor that they go to for their general medical needs, (myself included). I have been going to my doctor since I was a teenager. Why is that? Well for me it is because first of all, he is a wonderful doctor and I trust him. Also he know me and my medical history because I have being going to him for so long. He knows every broken bone, every surgery, every cold or illness I have ever had, which medications work and which ones don't and which ones I am allergic too.. etc etc. So my question is.. why do most people apply the same concept to their dentist?

Everytime you change dentists you will pretty much go through the same process. You will have be inundated with paperwork, they will want to shoot full mouth x-rays, a comprehensive exam, possible perio evaluation and create a whole new treatment plan and that's before they even do the cleaning special that you chose them for. Sticking with one dentist will save you the time and money of going through every single time.

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