Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A New Procedure For Gum Grafting

Did you know that one of ten people who wear braces develop receding gums?

The treatment that  used to be involved with treating receding gum lines was expensive and painful because it includes taking a piece of gum tissue from another place of the mouth and attaching it where the gum tissue has receded, so afterward the area may be sore and swell.

The new procedure is done by making a tiny pinhole above the gum line where the soft tissue is, then they use a specialized instrument that detaches the gum tissue away from the bone, once the tissue is loose they can drape the gum down over the receded area. This new procedure promotes faster treatment time and faster healing.

Although this procedure will still cost a pretty penny, you will only need one appointment. With a gum graft you usually need more than one operation.

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