Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stages Of Teething

New Parent? Wondering when your baby's pearly whites will start to poke through?

Some babies are fussier than others when they are teething. This may because of the soreness and swelling of the gums. These symptoms can begin a couple weeks before the tooth shows and the fussiness usually ends after the tooth has broke through the skin.

Below are the stages of teething
  1. 0-6 Months: Your baby is born with a full set of teeth beneath the gums which are referred to as "Milk Teeth".
  2. 6 Months:  Around this age the first set of teeth that begin to erupt are the incisors (upper and lower front teeth). Before eruption, the bumpy edges are often felt beneath the gum line and you may notice your baby begin chewing on their hands, toys or other items.
  3. 10-14 Months: Here come the ... Primary Molars (upper and lower jaw, towards the back of the mouth)! This stage is similar to stage 2 but with an increase in drool, crankiness and the urge to chew on everything in site! In this stage you may also notice your child experiencing fevers, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Contact you primary physician for recommended medicines.
  4. 16-22 Months: During this stage your baby's canine teeth (pointed teeth on the upper and lower jaw) will erupt.
  5. 25-33 Months: Revenge of the molars! These are twice the size of the other teeth. Most parents will say this is the most difficult time of the teething process.
Although teething can be a difficult time for parents and the child their are some remedies to help your child feel better while they are teething.
  • Use a clean finger to gently rub your baby's gums for a couple minutes.
  • Provide some teething rings/toys. *Try refrigerating a teething ring, this helps reduce swelling and soothes sore gums*
  • Ask your pediatrician on over the counter medicine.
  • Orajel

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