Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fun Facts You May Not Know About Teeth

Read these fun facts to learn how special your teeth are!
  • Some babies are born with teeth: About 1 in every 2000 babies is born with natal teeth (teeth that are already present at the time of birth.) So sometimes the babies first dentist visit is only a few days after birth.
  • Not everyone loses their baby teeth: If a person doesn't have a replacement permanent tooth. that baby tooth with stay put.
  • Not all cultures consider straight teeth ideal: Straight teeth may seem appealing, but some country's believe crooked teeth make them look younger and enhance their smiles.
  • Braces can cause cavities: You start forming cavities around the brackets since food, bacteria and acid get stuck.
  • Drinking Mountain Dew: Constant sipping of Mountain Dew has rotted and done so much damage to peoples teeth that it has its own name known as Mountain Dew Mouth.
  • What can you do with your pulled teeth?: You can make human tooth art! Many people sell their tooth art online -such as Etsy.

We all know how important our teeth are so remember to visit your dentist on a regular bases to keep a healthy mouth!

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