Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Private Dental Practice or Dental Clinic? Your Personal Preference.

Is it better to go to a privately owned practice with one doctor versus a "clinic" with multiple doctors?

The answer to this question lies solely on personal preference. Whether a facility has one doctor or one hundred doctors shows no reflection on the doctors' credentials or capabilities. Privately owned practices with only one or two providers are ideal for those who prefer to see the same doctor on every visit. That said, the private practitioner's ability to treat you fully and effectively is limited to his level of expertise; i.e., he may refer you out for a root canal or extraction if it is beyond his level of expertise, or if, unfortunately, it is a cost prohibitive procedure.  Time vs. money.

Larger practices with multiple providers, or "clinics," if you will, are beneficial for those who have a multitude of dental problems that may require the skills of more than one doctor. Also, on-site specialists are common in larger practices and could be convenient if you get referred out.
Something to consider: Many of the larger "clinic" type practices are better able and more willing to work payment arrangements with a patient, as well.  Additionally, prices vary widely between dental facilities.  It is a great idea to consider a good dental plan to help level out the costs of dentistry.

The choice is a personal one, but do your research!  Check out the doctors.  Check out the facilities as well.  Read the reviews and ask for recommendations from family and friends.

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