Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What Is A Dental Flipper?

Replacing a tooth that has been damaged isn't an overnight process. The underlying bone needs time to heal before you can get a long term fix such as a implant or dentures. This is where dental flippers come in. Dental flippers are a temporary solution for replacing missing teeth/tooth. Basically, they keep you from having to walk around with a gap in your teeth. Flippers are lightweight, removable and may allow you to bite and chew your food.

Their are two different types of flippers:

Dental Flipper: is made with mostly acrylic. The dentist will first take your mouth's impression. Then they will pour it with plaster cast, which will be sent to a lab with along with a prescription of your tooth color. For your upper teeth a pink plate with be molded to fit your mouth and stays put with suction. Bottom Flippers stay put with the help of two steel wire clips that wrap around two of your natural teeth.

Valplast Flipper: If you don't want the traditional acrylic flipper. This type of flipper is more flexible, kind of like a clear retainer. This has to be removed to be able to eat.

Remember flippers are only used for a temporary fix!

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