Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Overcome Dental Phobia

Millions of people are afraid of the dentist, why? They may of had a bad experience as a child, afraid of needles/drills etc., have sensitive teeth or even the smell/ noise of the office.

There is no medical remedy to fix this fear. Recognizing your fear and decide how you can overcome it. This is the greatest hurdle you face if you fear the dentist.

Here are some tips that can help you overcome your fear of the dentist:

  • Find the right dentist for you: Ask around, get feedback from your family and friends about their dentist. Call and make an appointment to meet the dentist before you start any work, this way you can get a feel of that office and dentist.
  • Sedation Options: Most dentist provide a number of sedation options.  This can range taking a pill before you come to your appointment to general anesthesia (laughing gas).
  • Treatment Plans: You don't have to everything at once. The dentist will give you a treatment plan of what needs to be done. Do one thing at a time for low stress appointments.
  • Bring a friend: Having someone with you will help distract your mind especially while you are in the waiting room. Some dentist may allow them to come back with you while you are getting your procedure.

Remember visit the dentist regularly to prevent problems. The more you go to the dentist for a routine check up, the more likely you are to avoid major problems!

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