Monday, January 13, 2014

Does The Affordable Health Care Act "Obamacare" Cover Dental?

I cannot tell you how many times each week I am asked this question. Part of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) requires that insurance companies offer dental. However, the dental that is offered is only required to cover children and teens 19 year old or younger. Even so, that coverage is very limited. Remember at age 12-13 when your permanent teeth were a little crooked and you wanted braces? Well, if your child needs them now they will have to be deemed "Medically Necessary". Most major dental work is like that under this insurance plan.

What if you are over 19? Well guess what, you are not required to be covered at all. The ACA marketplace does have "stand alone dental plans" or advise you to seek "independent dental insurance". At what cost though? Since the demand for it is up, it is no secret that premium prices will be inflated and coverage benefits will be the lowest they can possibly be. Dental insurance even before the ACA was outrageous and unpredictable. It limits you what can have done and charges you high monthly premiums. This is only getting worse since the implementation of the ACA.

Now, it is a policy of mine that I do not use our blog site as a platform to try to sell you on our plan. However, dental plans such as ours is the key to getting dental coverage at an affordable rate. You can turn that high monthly premium into a low annual premium, get what you need/want to have done when you want it without the worry of whether or not it is going to be covered. You will not have to have any procedure deemed "medically necessary" or wait an outrageous amount of time for authorization.

Does the ACA cover dental? Basically.. NO it does not. It will refer to you to some place that is set up to provide you with dental and will do so at an unfair and outrageous rate. Readers, know that you have options. Research, Research and Research is the key to getting the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. When you do that research, you will find that dental plans are the best option. Which is the reason that dental centers refer to people to dental plans.

We have done some research for you, you can see comparison all types of dental coverage on our website's comparison page by clicking here.

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