Thursday, October 1, 2015

Some Useful Ideas For Ordinary Toothpaste

It's a regular staple in every household and it has useful qualities that you might not have imagined!  Definitely a money-saver if you're on a tight budget.

There are many uses for it, aside from just cleaning and whitening your teeth.

Here is a list of useful ideas:

~Use it to scrub and whiten yellowed fingernails.
~Use it to buff out scratches on cell phone screens and watch crystals.
~Fill in nail holes when you don't have any patching compound or spackle around the house.
~Use it as a paste to clean and polish silver or brass.
~Use it to clean and shine piano keys.
~Use it to eliminate the haze that builds up on your headlights. Apply, let sit for a minute and        buff!
~Shine and polish your jewelry.
~Apply to bug bites to stop the itch.
~Apply to bruises to help them fade faster.
~Apply to skin blemishes to help them shrink and heal faster.
~Prevents fogging of mirrors.
~Helps exfoliate rough skin and cleans dirt and tar off of your feet.
~Removes water rings from wooden surfaces.

I'm sure there are more ideas out there.  Feel free to chime in with your own remedies!

Keep Smiling!

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