Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Top 5 Reasons People Dread The Dentist

We all dread a visit to the dentist for varying reasons. Many of us have our own horror stories, we've all heard horror stories, and we all know someone who has had a bad experience at one point or another. For some of us it is a minor inconvenience; just another reason to take an hour off of work or an hour out of your day for routine personal care. For others, however, it is an event that must be carefully planned well in advance so as to mentally and emotionally prepare for what is sure to be the worst experience of their life...and I genuinely feel for those people...well, after all we all have phobias, don't we? Now, I really have to say this in defense of the isn't all bad, right?
Anyway, I searched the web and came up with five of the most common things that people dread about the dentist's office. Now, there are likely 500 more reasons floating around out there and for everyone the experience is different, so I hope that you'll contribute to this blog by commenting or telling me your own personal story.

1. The top A #1 reason is: Needles. It's one thing to go to a doctor and get a tetanus shot, but when a dentist is aiming at the roof of your mouth with a needle, well, that's a game changer.

2. Anxiety. Just the anticipation of having to endure a dental procedure is enough to keep people out of the chair.

3. Sounds and smells. The medicinal smell and the sound of the drill cause anxiety for many. In my personal opinion, if they would just create more of a spa atmosphere....nah, that's just too much to ask for!

4. Waiting in an office that is running behind. Having to wait increases anxiety, causes agitation....and frankly, our time is as important as yours, doctor!! Yes, we've all wanted to say it to the poor receptionist. "I was here on time, why is the doctor running late?"

5. Cost. Flatly, dentistry is among the most expensive personal expenditures in the health industry. I believe it falls just under neuro-surgery.. (just kidding). I found no actual data to support that theory but there are people out there who take out loans to pay for dentistry...we're talking substantial loans. With interest. It's mind blowing.

Again, please give me some feedback on this blog! I welcome your comments and stories. My next blog will be in direct contrast to this one...I'm going to list the top 5 reasons why the dentist dreads the patient!!!

Keep Smiling!

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