Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dirty Mouth? Clean it up with... Raisins??

Sounds strange but apparently raisins can offer many benefits to your over-all oral health.

It turns out that a study has shown that certain compounds found particularly in raisins inhibit the growth of bad bacteria that lead to cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Of course your daily brushing regimen is still necessary in order to maintain good oral hygiene, a hand full of raisins are great when your toothbrush or trident aren't handy.

Some more reasons to chew on some raisins....??

-they are natural antioxidants which aid in reducing the risk of colon cancer as well as some forms of dementia

-they help relieve symptoms of constipation

-they help with the treatment of anemia being high in iron, b-vitamin complex and copper all of which are essential for the formation of blood and red blood cells.

-they help a weakened libido

-they are good for your bones being high in calcium, and boron which is necessary for proper bone formation and calcium absorption. Boron also very helpful in preventing menopause induced osteoporosis in women

-they are good for your eyes as they contain certain antioxidants and nutrients that promote good ocular health

The jury is still out on whether ordinary raisins or the golden variety are best, but there are health benefits from both.

So if you are a raisin lover like I am, then start adding them to your diet and keep smiling!

Original post by MoobieDoo - January 2011

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