Monday, September 16, 2013

An Interesting Use Of Denture Glue

Denture glue is something that you would really think to only use for one thing.. dentures..right? Well a turtle rehab center in Florida turned to it in a last ditch effort to save the life a sea turtle. The 40 pound turtle was brought into the center with a 10 inch crack on the shell from being struck by a boat. With a fractured shell, the turtle becomes vulnerable to infection on top of the danger of the cracked shell to begin with.

After unsuccessfully repairing turtle shells with various marine epoxies and dental glues in the past, the center turned to a local dentist to see if there was something new they could try.

After researching and brainstorming, they used a waterproof denture resin to repair the break in the shell and then fitted it with prosthetic pieces to replace the missing shell pieces.

So far, the treatment had worked and the sea turtle is no longer in critical condition.

This complete story can be found on the ABC News website!

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