Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Get Through The Weekend With A Toothache

Ever find yourself stuck on a Friday night with an aching tooth, no dentist available until Monday?  You don't have to suffer!!  I found some great "at home" treatments that actually work!  These tips will help while you wait to get in to a dentist...

Salt- A warm salt-water rinse will help sooth the pain.  Grab a coffee mug, fill it with warm water and a generous amount of salt.  You don't want to use too little, you should be able to taste it.  Swish it around a few times and spit it out.  Don't drink it!

Aspirin- It's an anti-inflammatory and a great non-narcotic pain reliever.  Take a couple, following the dose on the bottle.  Need a faster approach?  Try making a paste out of a crushed aspirin and water.  Apply the paste directly to the affected tooth or area.  It will taste terrible, but will help ease the pain in minutes.

Natural Oils (tea tree and clove)- These oils are both natural antiseptics and work great for treating toothaches and soothing dry sockets.  They both will taste terrible and they can also be harmful to humans in large doses.  Avoid consuming these oils, use a cotton swab or a cotton ball to apply topically to the affected area.

Ice or heat-  It might help to numb the pain using an ice pack or a heat pack.  Throbbing teeth can be soothed either way, whichever feels better for you.  You may also choose to sooth it with ice cream or a hot beverage, however if a root canal is necessary, consuming anything too hot or too cold will hurt like crazy.   Depending on the situation (abscessed tooth, fractured bone, etc), you might want to seek the advice of a professional before applying cold or hot compresses as you could potentially harm your self further

Of course, if the pain is too severe or you have a swollen cheek due to infection, skip the home remedies and go straight to the ER.

And remember, Don't Wait For A Toothache!  Make sure to see your dentist regularly!

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