Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

You may be wrecking your teeth without even knowing it.  I have listed some dental health “don’ts” below.

Thumb sucking- Sucking the thumb after your permanent teeth have arrived can cause major issues, such as misaligned teeth and damage to your jaw structure.

Eating lemons- Lemons are very acidic; this can eat away at your tooth enamel causing a rough texture on your teeth.

Brushing too hard – Brushing regular is a key factor for a healthy smile, but brushing to hard can actually cause more damage. When you brush too hard you are wearing down the tooth’s enamel which can make your teeth sensitive, also you are irritating your gums. Be gentler!

Chewing on ice- Everyone does this, right? Ice cubes seem so harmless, but did you know they can seriously damage your pearly whites? Chewing on ice can weaken any fillings you may have. This can also cause a chipped tooth or even a tooth fracture, which can cause an abscess and a trip to the dentist.

Holding Objects- Many people have a habit of placing the end of a pen, pencil and even their glasses in-between their teeth, while they are concentrating. You may not even notice how much pressure you are placing on your teeth. Biting on these objects can cause your teeth to crack or even shift.

Personally I do at least three of these awful habits, and I know that if I don’t start changing my ways, I will be harming my teeth in the long run, and I defiantly don’t want that!

Do you do any of these, or have any other habits that could harm your teeth?

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