Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update On Oklahoma Patients Exposed To HIV:

If you didn't catch the story, last week (March 28th) a news story broke of an Oklahoma dentist who, by using dirty equipment and reusing needles, exposed nearly 7,000 people to HIV and hepatitis.  (see my previous blog for the original story)

So far, only 1,200 patients have been screened, leaving nearly 6,000 patients still to be tested.

Although his license has been revoked, any legal action to be taken is still being decided upon by the district attorney.

I'm not sure how or even if we will ever know just how many victims will suffer because of this, but I will keep you posted with any and all updates I find.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!

walnutflwr said...

What a dispicable excuse for a doctor. Glad he is no longer able to practice! Hopefully no one was infected or has become ill. There are so many diseases that could've been transmitted because of his negligence.