Monday, March 11, 2013

One Word: Bio-Teeth!

Move over dental implants, bridges and dentures!  The Bio-tooth is taking over!  Well, not yet, exactly.  But it's definitely getting closer.

Okay, so what, exactly, is a "bio-tooth" you ask?  It's probably exactly what you're imagining.  Of course, we're not talking "The Terminator" kind of stuff, you're not going to be part robot.  Basically, scientists have discovered a way to bio-engineer teeth from gum cells, meaning they have figured out how to grow a new tooth in place of a missing one, using your own gum cells.

While they have had much success with mice in the lab, they have yet to completely test this on humans.  Research and testing continues, but imagine the breakthrough it will be!  We are not far from being able to re-grow our own teeth!  Amazing!

For the full details, get the entire article HERE!

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