Monday, March 4, 2013

Beware Of "Dollar Store" Toothpaste!

During a recent conversation, the subject rolled around to an odd piece of information which, at the time, I had summed up to my friend being the victim of someone's urban legend.  Apparently, the toothpaste found on the shelves of most "dollar" stores around the USA, is not "real" (or ADA approved) toothpaste, but is actually toothpaste which was manufactured in unapproved, foreign countries.  If this were true, of course this would mean that a frighteningly large number of Americans are brushing their teeth with toothpaste who's ingredients either severely lack, or overly exceed the legal, ADA approved amount.

Skeptically, I Googled.

The verdict?

It's TRUE!

I even had a few references confirm my find, but I think that explained it the best.

Read it HERE!

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