Friday, March 29, 2013

Dirty Dentistry: How Savon Protects You!

Many of you may have seen in recent news, a story about an Oklahoma dentist who negligently exposed 7,000 people to hepatitis and HIV.  This came about when one of his patients who had no risk factors for either virus, contracted both.  An investigation was launched, and the results were horrifying.  Rusty tools, reusing needles, using unsterilized tools, out-dated medication, unlicensed staff, and the list goes on...
This is a terrifying tragedy.  7,000 people is a LOT, and sadly, this kind of thing happens too often, not always to this extreme, but often enough.

This is why it's important to be cautious when shopping for dental coverage as well as when choosing your dentist!  With most insurances, you are given the freedom of choosing your own dentist.  Convenient as that may be, it also makes it impossible for them to investigate the profession history of each doctor, leaving you with no guarantee of a quality, qualified dentist.

Dental plans are a GREAT solution to this problem.  Savon Dental Plan conducts an extensive and thorough credentialing check.  The guidelines are strict, all prior complaints and incidents are considered, even if they have been resolved.  If a dentist does not meet the criteria, they can't take the plan.  This protects all of their members from situations like what happened in Oklahoma.

For more information on Savon's dentist credentialing process, click HERE.

To keep up on the Oklahoma story, click HERE.

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