Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Greatest Marketing Gimmicks on TV Today

I LOVE commercials. Especially the zany, outrageous, utterly stupid ones, not to mention the practical ones that stick in your head long after you turn the TV off! I've come up with a list of my personal favorites.

#1. GEICO. Top Spot, in my opinion. Hands down. The Little Piggy riding in the car crying weee, wee, wee! Awesome. My daughter actually has that uploaded as a ringtone on her phone!
#2. SHERWIN WILLIAMS. Their use of computer graphics and color to promote their brand of paint is pure genius. And beautiful to watch.
#3. ALLSTATE. Their mayhem commercials are wonderfully true to life...especially the Pink SUV with Mayhem himself, in disguise as a teenage girl talking on a cell phone....oh yeah, we can relate.
#4. TOYOTA. Ok, is there really a guy out there who would stand there between two Camry's and say "eenie meenie miney moe" , or have his wife drop him off at the dealership to play inside the showroom vehicles? "Going up"....too funny. But effective. I'm still thinking of it!
#5. JACK IN THE BOX. Their latest "Hazing the Intern" commercial is great. What will they come up with next? No wonder they win awards for their commercials.

Feel free to comment and fill us in on your own personal favorites!
And as always, keep smiling!

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