Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Foods and drinks that stain your teeth

Coffee ~ There is nothing like hot coffee early morning. Coffee however has quite a discoloring effect on your teeth.

Tea ~ Black tea is a terrible teeth stainer just as its cousin coffee.

Soy Sauce ~ It contains very strong discoloring agents and the sauce tends to stick to the teeth which allow the leeching of staining pigments deeper in to the teeth.

Curry ~ The herbs and spices used in the Indian curries are extremely chromogenic (color imparting) and are very likely to stain your teeth.

Red wine ~ Red wine contains polyphenols that stain your teeth. The alchohol in red wine is very acidic and also wears the enamel of the teeth.

Cola ~ Cola drinks not only stain and discolor your teeth but also erode enamel and cause tooth decay due to the harmful phosphoric acid, citric acid and sugar content in them.

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