Friday, April 10, 2009

Community Dental Foundation, An Asset to the Community.

When it comes to ways of helping someone in need, what comes to mind? Most people participate in a clothing drive, food drive, volunteer at a shelter or serve food at a cafeteria.

The Community Dental Foundation, has taken a different approach. They are committed to adhereing to the dental needs of these people and do so at no cost to the family. They take it one step further, they go to them. Their fully opertational mobile dental facility is complete with a check-in area, two fully stocked operatories, 8 Dentists and a dedicated staff determined to better the smile of a child in need.

I had the privilege of touring the mobile facility and meeting with the Founder of the organization, Mr. Loelke (who is also a dental assistant and runs the center) and one of the directors, Ms. Trudel. I was impressed with whole operation and the dedication of the staff. "There are times when we will arrive at a place at 7:00 am and not leave until mid-night, we work until the last patient is seen." Mr. Loelke said.
It takes passion for dentistry and love for the community and kids to do something like this day in and day out.

Community Dental Foundation, my hat's off to you!

Please visit their webiste at for more information. You can also make a financial contribution to help fund this great organization. "Be a Tooth Fairy for Kids"

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