Thursday, April 16, 2009

Attention Athletes: A mouth guard protects more than just teeth!!

I was in a sporting goods store early today and over heard the statement that "my kid does not need a mouth guard, he never uses it anyway". It got me thinking about the importance of a mouth guard and what the exact purpose of it is.

The biggest misconception is that a mouth guard is only designed to protect the teeth that is covering. That, being the reason that most young athlete's often neglect this piece of equipment. However, the mouth guard is more that just a cushion between the teeth. This inexpensive piece of plastic that takes 2 seconds to put in, can protect an athlete from: Mouth injuries such as biting the tongue or cheek, Tooth injuries, TMJ Disorders, Jaw Fractures, and Brain Concussions. An athlete that is hit in the lower jaw, can get a concussion from that hit.

Now, I am not saying that a mouth guard is guaranteed to prevent an injuries like these, but it can reduce the seriousness of them.

A couple of key factors to remember when selecting a mouth guard that will best protect your athlete.

1. Make sure it covers all of the teeth.
2. Make sure that it is fitted properly.

If you are unsure how to correctly fit a mouth guard, instructions are available in this website:

Let's keep the young athlete's safe during the season. Make sure they wear that mouth guard!

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