Thursday, March 7, 2024

Dental Check-Ups!

How often do you see your dentist for a routine dental check-up? Most people go every six months, but did you know that your dental health will determine when you will be asked to come back for another check-up?

For me personally, it's best that I get a dental check-up and cleaning every 4 months!

Here are some frequent questions about check-ups!

Why do we need dental check-ups?

Dental check-ups are very important to our dental health, the dentist will do an examination of your mouth and detect any occurring problems you might have. Leaving any problems untreated will cause major problems in the future.

What does a dental check-up include?

During the visit, your dentist will:
  1. Examine your mouth (teeth and gums).
  2. Ask questions about your dental health, and see if you are having any problems.
  3. Give you advice for a healthy mouth.
  4. Tell you when they want you back.

What about dental treatments?

Once you have had your check-up, you may receive a treatment plan. A treatment plan is an outline of what procedures you may need to do. *Remember this is not set in stone, this is to show you what should be done to prevent any further problems that could occur.*

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