Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Teledentistry - How Does It Work?

 Teledentistry is considered to be the dental form of telemedicine.


  • ·         Offers live streaming for face-to-face visits with a dentist or practitioner
  • ·         Provides patients a secure patient portal to access data you share
  • ·         Offers secure messaging so they can start clinical conversations
  • ·         Offers live video consultations for visual evaluations and assessments
  • ·         Ability to pre-screen for dental visits and emergencies
  • ·         Check-ins
  • ·         Treatment planning
  • ·         Remote Triage

And many more options… 

It can also be used to transfer documents and information and consult with other providers in the industry.  It’s HIPAA compliant, mobile friendly and secure.  Who knew? 

Keep Smiling!

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