Thursday, January 27, 2022

Oral Piercings

Pierced tongue, lip, and cheek may be attractive to some but there are many health-related risks that are involved with these oral piercings.

  1. Infections - With the number of bacteria in your mouth with the addition of bacteria from handling the jewelry you have an increased risk for infections.
  2. Transmission of diseases - Potential risk for the transmission of the herpes virus along with hepatitis B and C.
  3. Nerve damage - Numbness at the site of the piercing or even worse loss of movement (piercing of the tongue) can occur if the nerve was damaged.
  4. Gum disease - The jewelry can come into contact with the gum tissue causing injury as well as the recession of the gum tissue, this can also lead to loose teeth or tooth loss.
  5. Damaged teeth - Jewelry can crack or chip a tooth.
  6. Difficulties of daily functions - Tongue piercings can result in difficulty chewing swallowing or Even speaking.
If you decide to get an oral piercing, remember these risks!

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