Thursday, August 19, 2021

Oral Device To Help Tourette Syndrome?

Do suffer from Tourette Syndrome? You may be in luck! Researchers at Osaka University in Japan have developed a removable oral device that can help adults and children with their tics.

There are many ways to treat tics which include behavioral therapy, medication, and surgery. However, these treatments work differently for each individual person. This is why the researchers at Osaka University decided to develop a custom-made oral splint. This device is similar to mouth guard and retainers but only applied to the back molars, increasing the Occlusal Vertical Dimension. 

According to Jumpei Murakami, author of the study says "Biting down on the device immediately improved both motor and vocal tics in 10 of the 14 children and 6 of the 8 adults that participated in the study." "What's more, these effects were long-lasting. Long-term improvements in motor tics after more than 100 days were especially evident in younger patients when their tics first started."

Osaka University plans to do larger-scaled studies! 

It will be interesting to see the larger study results and how they changed the lives of people who suffer from Tourettes.

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