Thursday, May 6, 2021

Question From Member - I'm Considering Pulling Out My Own Teeth, What Do You Think?

 Questions From Our Members

T. Alderman of Queens, New York asks: 

“The pandemic has left me with very little money and a couple of really bad teeth.  I´m considering just getting drunk and pulling them myself.  What are your thoughts about this idea?”

Savon’s Answer

In answering this question we again, must state, we are not dentists and this is our opinion and not medical advice.

That being said, the idea is as stupid and setting your own broken leg.  Attempting to remove a tooth yourself can cause the tooth to break off before the root.  It can potentially damage the surrounding teeth.  Not only will this be detrimental to your smile, but it can cause significant (and expensive) problems.

Dental work can be expensive, but the alternatives may be much more costly.  Many dentists offer payment plans that allow you to get the work you need done immediately.  If you have an infection there are social service agencies that may be able to get you the help you need.

Our suggestion:  Ditch the idea of pulling your own teeth!

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