Tuesday, May 4, 2021

7 Most Common Dental Procedures

 People who go to the dentist regularly are probably familiar with the procedures on this list.  It differs now from what used to be the standard...say, 20 years ago.  But if you are one who hasn't been to the dentist in 20 years, well, you may be surprised by what you see listed here.  I have actually come across people who didn't know that some of these procedures existed!  (Let's not even mention the cost.)

Here goes:

1. Topping the list, which is as it should be, Cleanings. Children and adults visit the dentist more for cleanings and regular maintenance than any other reason.

2. Fillings and repairs to cracked or chipped teeth.  Everyone gets cavities -  well, eventually, so it stands to reason that this would be near the top of the list.

3. Root Canals.  This really is a common procedure but not one you would expect (unless you've let a cavity go for many years without a visit to the dentist)...I can't tell you how many people neglect their teeth and are shocked when they learn they need a root canal!

4. Crowns. Typically, these follow a root canal or in some instances, they will be used to strengthen a tooth that is weakened by fillings or chips.  Crowns have come a long way in the industry!  You can now have a crown made and placed in your mouth on the same day.  The process used to take weeks.!
There are also a variety of different types of crowns available these days as well.

4. Extractions.  Dentist's in today's world would much prefer to save a tooth than to extract it.  It is really a last resort type of thing.  They will make every effort (with all the technology we now have) to restore a tooth unless there is absolutely no hope for it.

5. Bridges.  These are done to fill gaps in your teeth where extractions or loss of teeth might have occured. They are anchored to existing teeth and can be done cosmetically to match color and size. When done right you cannot even tell that they aren't your own teeth!

6. Implants.  One of the newer items to the list of common procedures!  This is by far the best, but also most expensive way to replace a missing tooth.  Implants have been around for years but the procedure has been perfected over time and is now very widely used in the dental industry.  As with bridges and crowns, this type of restoration is also used in a cosmetic way, to do full mouth restorations.

7.  Bleaching/Whitening.  Many people are all about the look!  This is a procedure that can be done in the dental office with varying types of products, or it can be done at home.

Keep Smiling!  

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