Thursday, November 19, 2020

Sharing Toothbrushes, Toothpaste and Containers Could Spread Covid-19

 As gross as it sounds, many people share toothbrushes.  However, I would have never thought sharing toothpaste could cause any harm.

A new study, investigated hundreds of families over a 15 day period and the results are eye opening. The results showed:

  • 55% of Covid-19 positive people who shared a toothbrush passed the virus to other members of the household. 
  • 66% of people who tested positive for Covid-19 and who share a toothbrush container with family members, passed the virus on. **This has always been always been a bad idea**
  • If you share toothpaste among the family, there is a 30% chance you may spread the virus due to cross-contamination.

Important remembers:

  • Change your toothbrush ever three months!
  • If you have recovered from Covid-19 it's important to toss your toothbrush no matter how new it is.
  • Disinfect your toothbrush with antibacterial mouthwash after brushing can help kill bacteria growth.
  • Brush and scrape your tongue. This is the best place for growth of bacteria. 

Continue to stay safe!

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