Thursday, August 6, 2020

Question From Our Member

 Questions From Our Members

D. Rockwell of Buffalo, New York asks: 

“I need to visit the dentist but I also need to know that their office is safe and clean during this pandemic.  What should I be looking for from the dentist?”

Savon’s Answer

Even before this pandemic, dental offices were always some of the cleanest medical facilities.  Considering that every procedure produced some sort of human bio–hazard side bar, the dental offices we already ahead of the current Covid–19 hygiene standards.

This being said, the A.D.A. (American Dental Association) lists some steps dentists can take to help prevent transmission of the disease in their offices, in addition to standard precautions, including:
  • Screening patients for travel and signs and symptoms of infection when they update their medical histories.

  • Taking temperature readings as part of their routine assessment of patients before performing dental procedures.

  • Making sure the personal protective equipment they use is appropriate for the procedures being performed.

  • Using a rubber dam when appropriate to decrease possible exposure to infectious agents.

  • Using high-speed evacuation for dental procedures producing an aerosol.

  • Autoclaving handpieces after each patient.

  • Having patients rinse with a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution before each appointment.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting public areas frequently, including door handles, chairs and bathrooms.
Since most dental offices follow the guidelines published by the A.D.A., I would be pretty comfortable visiting my dentist even in these trying times.

Original post is from our Aug. 2020 Newsletter

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