Tuesday, August 18, 2020

DIY Tooth Repair-Would You Dare?

I thought this one was worth re-posting as it is so relevant in today's DIY oriented world.  Especially now, with the COVID crisis and dentists working reduced hours or taking emergencies only.  The definition of "emergency" has changed somewhat with all this going on.

Anyway, here goes:

There are all kinds of stories out there about people fixing their own broken or decayed teeth, dentures, crowns and whatall; some are even using dental floss and fishing line to craft DIY braces...but, is this taking it a little too far? Probably, but it is a world of extremes we live in and lets face it, dentistry is high priced and unless you have excellent credit or say, 10 to 15K in an account earmarked specifically for dentistry, it's not really affordable. I would venture to say that lack of affordability and fear of the dentist are the two major reasons why people might try to repair their own teeth or dentures.

There is a shift occurring in the way people think and do things nowadays and goodness knows there are endless supplies of DIY solutions out there, so why not for dentistry, right? Afterall, you can find almost anything you need on Youtube! How hard can it be, after all? Now, don't get any ideas just yet. Google some of those stories! Trust me, they didn't all end well. Having said that, there are some success stories too...so just try to use common sense (please) if you plan to attempt a home repair on your teeth, and maybe keep these simple, humorous yet "common sense" suggestions in mind.

Well, I know the first one is futile, but I still feel the need to say it:
     DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!   followed by:

      - Super Glue can be TOXIC. It is also permanent. Trust me! You don't want to glue your lips shut.
      - Gum doesn't hold. Really, it just dissolves.
      - Dental Floss was not intended for use in home orthodontia. Neither was fishing line, rubber bands          or paper clips. 
      - Seriously, shield your eyes if you're going to actually use that Dremel tool.
      - Put the pliers away and forget you even thought about pulling your own tooth.

Now, on the flip side, there are products out there that you can buy OTC and use to TEMPORARILY (and I cannot stress that word enough) temporarily, repair a broken tooth or cover a lost filling and yes, believe it or not, you can even make a temporary tooth if you happen to have one missing and there is a wedding to go to on Saturday.  Notice I'm not naming any products here. If you dare to make your own dental repairs you'll just have to Google the rest of the info yourself. :)

Keep Smiling!



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