Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Keeping Healthy Teeth The Natural Way

For years people have gone the all-natural route instead of pharmaceutical medicines. Today many people turn to herbal remedies for many different reasons. A couple of reasons may be that it is cheaper then the alternative ( big pharma and all) and you would not be getting the chemicals found in traditional medicines.

For those of you that drink green tea, did you know it is good for fighting dental cavities by getting rid of bacteria? Apples help keep bacteria away, too. To ease that toothache, you can use clove oil, vinegar and  you can place an ice bag on your face wherever the pain is. Those things will help ease your pain until you can get into the dentist. Most people push aside the little parsley that comes on your dinner plate, but if you have somewhere to be after dinner and don’t have time to brush your teeth or any gum on hand, eat the parsley and it will do the trick!
To whiten your teeth, rub the white inside of an orange rind against your teeth and rinse after a few minutes or you can make a paste using a few strawberries, let it sit for a few minutes then rise with a little baking soda.
Those are just a few examples of how you can use natural remedies that are healthy for you.

Keep Smiling! 

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