Thursday, July 18, 2019

Oral Care Tips For Someone With Special Needs

If you have never taken care of someone with a developmental disability, you need to realize it requires a lot of patience and skills.

You may think that brushing someone's teeth would be a simple task, right? Think again! It takes planning (what will be the best way to make your client and yourself comfortable during the process), time and the ability to manage their physical, mental or behavioral problems. 

If you are a first time caregiver, here are some tips that can help you ease your way into caring for someone's oral care:
  • Location - You can brush someone's teeth pretty much anywhere! All you will need are a toothbrush, toothpaste, a bowl, floss, a glass water, and good lighting!
  • Behavior - If your client has behavioral issues, brushing their teeth may be difficult. Try using the "tell-show-do" method.
    • Tell - Explain each step before you do it.
    • Show -  Let your client hold and touch each tool that will be used.
    • Do - Do the steps the same way as you explained them.
  • Timing - Let your client adjust, they may just be getting to know you, it can take some time before they will let you work in and around their mouth.
  • Positive feedback -  Let your client know that they are doing great!
  • Routine - Try to have the same routine each day and have it done at the same time. This may help eliminate any fears.
  • Make them comfortable - Let them hold onto a special item or toy, this may reduce anxiety. Play calming music or come up with a creative game like "show me your biggest smile"!
 *Remember making your client comfortable will make your job easier!

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