Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Weird Dental Emergency Stories

Dental Emergencies are never fun when they happen to you but you will get a laugh out of some of these stories I found!

1. Garden in the mouth - One patient had a major toothache so the dentist ordered a root canal. When they were cleaning out the roots and gums the dentist found some seeds lodged into the gum and a tiny sprout was forming. It turned out to be a tomato plant!

2. Super glue gone wrong - One patient tried super gluing their crown back on and ended up sticking the wrong teeth together and got super glue all over the roof of their mouth and throat.

3. Hanging by a thread - Sometime people who neglect their teeth get a serious buildup of tartar and plaque that creates a bridge between the teeth and gums (calculus bridge). One patient tried to remove the bridge with furious brushing. After a few minutes, almost all their teeth fell out because the calculus bridge was the only thing holding them together.

4. Maggots anyone? - A small boy had  painful swollen gums so the parents took him to the dentist for the first time. During the examination the dentist found bunch of maggots inside the swollen gums.

I found these stories here!

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