Monday, June 4, 2018

What To Do If A Tooth Is Knocked Out

It doesn't take much to knock out an adult tooth.  Even the slightest bump can dislodge a healthy tooth. The first thing to know if this happens is that you should ALWAYS consult with a dentist as soon as the accident happens! In the event that a dentist is not readily available, such as a weekend or holiday, make a trip to the ER! Many people, especially adults will wait till the next day or later thinking that the tooth can be restored as long as they have it.  Not true!  There is a very small window of time for a tooth to be successfully replanted, whether in a child's or an adult mouth, and even then there is a risk of rejection. (Note: Baby teeth are generally not replanted.)

Here are some suggestions to help preserve a tooth while on the way to a dentist (again, directly after the accident happens!) 
     1. If you can find the tooth, make sure it is intact and rinse it with milk or saline. Do not use water!
     2. Do not scrub or touch the root of the tooth.  Just immerse it in milk to clean it.
     2. Make sure it is free of debris and try to place the tooth back in the mouth. 
     3. If this cannot be done, put the tooth in a few tablespoons of milk and head directly to a dentist or the ER

There are many success stories about replanted teeth.  One should always try to preserve the tooth...especially in a child or young adult, as implants and bridges are not always desirable or even possible in their developing mouths. 

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