Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Root Canal Myths

Are you terrified of getting a root canal? If so, your not alone. Millions of people have their teeth treated and saved each year by endodontic therapy.

If your nervous of an upcoming root canal appointment because you have heard negative comments about them, Don't be! check out these myths below to ease your mind:
  • They are painful - The dentist will completely numb the area and make sure you are comfortable before beginning the procedure. Patients have reported that the procedure is painless but have some discomfort as the tooth is healing.
  • Extraction of the tooth is better - You want to conserve your original tooth. Extractions remove the tooth entirely which can lead to more dental work (Implants) and more money!
  • If your not in pain then you don't need the root canal - Infected pulp inst always accompanied by pain but an infection wont heal itself and will only get worse. 
The longer you postpone treatment the more you risk the chance at saving your tooth!

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