Friday, December 8, 2017

Eggnog Is Just As Bad For Your Teeth As Soda!

I can not express my heartbreak when I found this out. Eggnog is one my of favorite holiday traditions and drinks. So when I read that with the amount of sugar that is it, it is as bad for your teeth as soda, I was quite surprised.

It sorta goes along with the my misconception of what eggnog is. I assumed that it is more like milk, thus being better for the dental health. I know milk is good for your teeth, I know eggs are good for your teeth. Knowing that both of them are in eggnog, one can only assume that eggnog too is good for your oral health. Logical assumption... right?

Well it turns out that all of the flavoring, add-ins and sugar that is used to make that unique holiday taste, is enough to off set the good that the mil and eggs provide!

Fear not though my fellow eggnoggers. We can still savor the favor and enjoy our favorite holiday drink. Just simply rinse out your mouth really good and/or brush your teeth after you drink and you will be good to go!

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